Orbi Satellite

Orbi Satellite

For a Wi-Fi extender, the Orbi satellite becomes another node in your mesh, giving a single network name and handoff when you roam outdoors.

As the main system, a dedicated channel for data transfer is allocated between the satellite and router, freeing up the main channels for smart devices connected.

The satellite connection also provides a guest Wi-Fi network that keeps your family or employees firewalled if you use it for a small business.

The Net gear’s Fast lane, tri-band Wi- Fi system is connected to orbi satellite. A quad-stream wireless transfer with the frequency range of 5Ghz band is used for data transfer.

Net Gear ensures a quick installation of orbi satellite via a special button. The orbi app can also be used for the same purpose. If you like to have a big setup then you can get connected to multiple orbi satellites. These orbi satellites will work as extended network coverage.

The Orbi Outdoor Satellite is weather resistant against dust, water and sub-zero temperatures, and can be installed using a stand or wall mount.

The apparatus is equipped with an ambient night LED night light that can be turned on or off at specific times.

Main features of Net gear Orbi Satellite are:

  • The orbi satellite connection supports all kinds of high-speed modems which are used for Wi-Fi system.
  • Each orbi support by default at least 3 satellite connections.
  • One of biggest benefit to having an orbi satellite connection is the 100% security and monitoring of incoming and outgoing signals. The guests can be connected to the separate network which can clearly depict their usage.
  • Another user advantage is that the user has to perform very few activities. All the connection related connectivity can be done by managing the online Net gear account.
  • Data streaming on the multiple devices can be done simultaneously using the orbi satellite connection.

The orbi router displays satellite connection signals with the help of lights.

Magent LED – Thesatelletile is preparing to sync data with the router. After the magenta light , the LED changes the following colors within 10 seconds.

Solid blue – A good connection between Orbi router and Orbi satellite .

Solid Magenta – The Orbi satellite is unable to setup connection with orbi router. Solid amber: The fair connection Orbi router and Orbi satellite. The satellite is trying to get closer to router.

  • If the Orbi router and orbi satellite are successfully sync with each other.The Orbi satellite’s ring LED pulses white, then lights solid blue to indicate a good connection, and then turns off.
  • Finally the Orbi router or satellite is ready to provide a Wi- Fi connection to computer and other smart devices including satellite TV in your house.